Friday, October 10, 2008

Damn You Dell

It's 5:30, I want to go home, a girl comes by to pick up her laptop that has already had its motherboard replaced (by me around 2:30), but it is still not working. The only people left in the tech room are me and Dave. The girl arrives but the motherboard wasn't the problem. Between the 4 brains working on the laptop earlier, we could not figure out why the LCD wasn't displaying anything, or allowing us to transfer the image to another screen. By now I had tried all combinations of 3 different LCD screens, and two motherboards, still not working. Dave, being new, and the girl watch patiently while I begin replacing anything and everything that may be effecting the LCD. 

I tried the RAM, the HD, the LCD (3 different ones), the motherboard
 (2 different ones), the keyboard, the modem, the WLAN, the heat sync, the processor, the speaker, the fan, and the DVD ROM drive, but the computer refused to display anything on the LCD screen. 

6:30 and I have run out of options. I am surrounded by computer parts, none of which have made this computer work. The girl was very patient which helped, but here's a picture of what I had been doing. Note that this is only one of the 3 tables I was using for the repairs, and of course, my Mac is on top.

Here's the Tech Room Carnage

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