Sunday, January 13, 2013

No Rewards for a Long-Time Xbox Live Member

Recently I had a small auto-renewal problem with my account and had to speak with customer support. The issue has since been resolved but it got me thinking about my account.

I have had Xbox Live since the beginning, I mean WAY in the beginning. After having the account for roughly a year, I decided that I wanted to change the gamer tag to something more befitting. This is a simple task with the advancements that Xbox Live has gone through, but 9+ years ago, this was not the case. 

I do not know exact dates, it was 9+ years ago, but I called Microsoft Customer Support and asked if I could change my gamer tag. They reported to me that they were having an issue with changing the tag, and that the simplest thing they could do for me was to cancel the account, and create a new one with my desired gamer tag. This seemed like a reasonable alternative. So I had them cancel my account and create a new one, using the same email address, but with my desired gamer tag. 

I have had said gamer tag now for 9+ years without any cancellations or suspensions to my knowledge, (until the small mishap recently which was quickly rectified). 

Why am I writing all this, you may be asking yourself. Well I wouldn't be writing this had I not heard that those members of Xbox Live who had shown complete loyalty were receiving special rewards for their dedication (namely, custom 10 year anniversary Xbox 360 consoles), as well as various other items of notoriety. 

Typically I am not one to complain, but when I have clearly shown my dedication since the early beginnings of Xbox Live (as well as being an early member of Xbox Connect and XBC Pro for those of you who know what those were), I like to be shown at least some gratitude. Not to mention that the ONLY reason that my account is not displayed as being active for 10 years is because I changed my gamer tag 9 years ago and was forced to cancel the account. 

I understand that Xbox gamer tag data is purged after 7 years, and this hurts my story since I now cannot prove my loyalty, but I still remember the gamer tag I first chose, and the first game I played on Xbox Live. I played Unreal Championship which was released in November of 2002, merely days apart from the official launch date of Xbox Live. 

I feel as though I've more than shown my loyalty towards Xbox Live, and hopefully I can convince Microsoft of this.