Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ping Parse

For my fellow Systems Admins out there, these situations do not present themselves very often, but for when they do, this program is your best friend.

I just finished developing a text file parser that will analyze every detail of a series of ping attempts to whatever you may need to keep an eye on. 

Simply get a persistent ping going and saving to a text file:

ping [IPAddress] -t >> File.txt (don't forget the -t)

ping [IPAdress] >> File.txt

Once you think you have enough data, close that session and we're ready to go. 

After downloading my jar file, simply run it with the path to that text file we created as the only argument. Open up a new command line or terminal window and run the following:

java -jar [jar file path] [text file path]

So in my example, I'd run it as: java -jar Ping Parse 2.1.jar File.txt

That's it! Let it run and it will give you a comprehensive output showing you every stat you might want to know about the pings that you put out. 

I've tested this program with ping counts as high as 300k and the program never gets bogged down. Below are a couple results from my own use:

Before anyone gets upset, I know Java is clunky, but I wanted to get it working in that before seeing if it was worth making this into a full application.