Thursday, November 1, 2007

Numba One!

I would like to extend my gratitude to EliteStar, L3g3nd 33, and KraZy Beeoch for their noble efforts in Team Tactical last night, helping me achieve level 22, the first place rank in the world. EliteStar we don't need to mention much because he is always a key component in the fights. KraZy Beeoch pulled out the stops and held is own going positive every game but one.

The real story was L3g3nd 33. Normally not online past 10 because his wifey won't allow it, L3g3nd, also known as L4rry B1rd and Futurz on occasion, is for the most part, far above the average player. No matter who you are, however, everyone has their nights. Not speaking to anyone until my complaining got to him, L3g3nd was on fire, and would remain on fire for the rest of the night. Not going negative wouldn't be enough to say, so lets mention that he kept up with, or did better than both EliteStar and myself the entire night. The L3g3nd lives on - "so sick..."

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